Sarah L King Quintet

Jazz vocalist composer

& songwriter 

Our latest release What Could Be is now available to stream or download! HERE

"Sarah's voice has that silky and emotional classic jazz quality that a lot of artists strive for"


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Summer '22

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The Audience......


An original single written & composed by Sarah. Musicians recorded their parts in isolation. Willows is a lullaby about a meadow in Cambridgeshire UK  Listen to Full Song

"Willows is a beautiful lullaby embellished with great instrumental technique and vocals". Jazz Loop

What's New EP

Our First EP. Made entirely from musician's individual parts recorded in isolation, the project is a collaboration involving fantastic players: James Buckham piano, Tom Clarke drums, Mark Rose double bass & acoustic guitar, Jim Howard trumpet, Mike King piano, Rolo García guitar & Dai Richards double bass. Mastered by ©MassimoFioccoMusic  Listen To Full EP

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