I’ll Murder You & Previously Glumtree

Phew! Post production has now finished on “I’ll Murder You”, a short film I’ve co-directed with creative partner Amit Lennon (co-director, cinematographer and editor), based on
a poem by Francesca Beard (poet, performer, storyteller).

The film came about through our desire to collaborate on a project for the ‘Shot Through The Heart’ Southbank Poetry Film Competition July 2014.

The challenge in making “I’ll Murder You” was to create a visual narrative around an already complex and beautiful poem that enhanced, but didn’t swamp it. We picked Francesca’s poem (sometimes known as “In My Bed”) for it’s misleadingly simple form. It’s short, concise, shocking, and still can be read on different levels. We decided if it’s repeated 3 times we could play with it’s meaning, or, explore it’s themes, which for us were desire, obsession, and the transience of love.

Lead actors Rebecca Grant and Henry Proffit were inspiring to work with, bringing their unique quirkiness to the roles.

Written 4th June 2014.

“Ill Murder You” was a finalist at London Southbank’s Poetry Film Competition and screened as part of the festival in July. It went on to be screened in Fotofusion Brixton’s Film Festival, and the Herne Hill Film Festival where myself and co-director Amit Lennon gave a Q&A.

Personal Work
Personal Work

Phew! Making a film in about 10 days flat from writing to completion is exhilarating, if that’s the word. A collaboration between myself and my partner and co-director/cinematographer Amit Lennon has resulted in our film ‘Glumtree’, which we have submitted for the 2013 Virgin Shorts competition.

The challenge was to create an engaging narrative that lasts exactly 2 mins 20 secs.. I’m used to writing longer pieces these days but it was exciting and challenging to be thrown in to the discipline of the short again.
In theory a silent film could be poetic and appropriate in such a short slot, but I can’t help myself, I like story, character, dialogue. In the edit suite we realized we had too much material for 2 mins 20 secs so the Virgin Shorts version is highly edited! We had to severely cut down the material we had shot and wanted to use.
We are now in the process of editing a fuller version, where, yes, we get to see Racey28…….
So watch this space over the next few days…… (written June 2013)Glumtree

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